Someone to talk to. || Olivia & Nina ||

Olivia wiped the tears form her eyes, and turned her face over on her pillow. She wasn’t an emotional person, but ever since she was little her mother always had a way to make her feel like absolute shit. It wasn’t like how she made her feel when she was younger. This time she felt so embarrassed and humiliated. And by her own mother! Olivia closed her eyes so hard she started to see colors inside of her eyelids. She didn’t want to feel like such a disappointment anymore. Such a disgrace to the family.  To herself. Olivia started to relive what she had done in her head. She knew what she did wasn’t right. Letting man after man have their way for her for money while Olivia pretended to be somewhere else. All of this, just to get into Ingenium.

She opened her eyes quickly and sat up in bed. A loud rumble had come from her stomach. Food. She had forgotten to eat all day. Walking to the kitchen, she had remembered about her friends tacos. She was truly glad her friend Nina was coming over. Not only just for the food, but Olivia needed someone to talk to badly, and Nina was the only girlfriend she had made so far. Even though they had just met, Olivia had a feeling she could go to Nina for anything, and vice-versa. She made her way to her front room chair, letting out a sigh as she fell into the cushion. She was just about to turn on the television when she heard a knock at the door. “Nina!” She loudly whispered to herself and she lifted herself off of her living room chair. She walked over to the door and opened it to see her friend standing there. “I am so glad you came over.” Olivia said quietly, trying to look happy for her friend.

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    "Thanks." She spoke, gliding her way into Olivia’s room. "Seriously, it’s no problem, Olivia." She reassured her friend....
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    Olivia smiled at her friend. “Come on in.” She said, moving the door back, out of her way. Once her small friend was...